Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Happy 9th Anniversary, TVXQ! ♥

We’re here again, the 26th day of December and now its 2012 turns which is, TVXQ’s 9th Anniversary. Time flies so fast, isn’t it? It feels like just yesterday when I wrote about their 8th Anniversary on this blog too. This time, feels a little bit different. Cassies must knew the reason, because –actually I don’t wanna write about this- yeah they’re now JYJ and TVXQ. But whatever. For me they will always be my TVXQ, our pride TVXQ. Hero Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Max Changmin, Happy 9th Debut Anniversary…

In the past one year I always wondering…do you guys ever thought about each other sometimes? Impossible if it’s no, you’ve already been together for more than seven years , just like a family, the parents and the child live along together until it’s time for the child to go to the college, I thought they always thinking about each other, and I’m sure it’s every day. Don’t you? TVXQ, JYJ, or whatever you call yourself I’m sure there’s nothing you would change in your heart, whether it’s your point of view, your feels about each other, your friendship, your brotherhood, even after years I’m sure it will never change…

Do you guys believe in something called fate? Yes that’s our most awesome blessing that no one knows what they will bring. That's what we, Cassiopeia believe. And that's also become one of the reason we still cheering and loving for you from here. Just continue your way, continue doing whatever based on your passion, as long as it is good for you guys, as long as you smile with that passion, we will always supporting you no matter what. Cassiopeia is here because TVXQ was there. And TVXQ is there because Cassiopeia was here. Let us light up the sky, light it up for you...

I will never tire to say, thanks for you, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin for still standing as the name TVXQ exist. Still bring the joy, the happiness, the smile, the laugh, the pride for us, Cassiopeia. Would you continue to be like that? At least until our three friends, comeback here and continue to dream with us together, and start everything all over again. TVXQ and JYJ just keep going, continue reaching your dream. We are here, with your belief once you shared...

Once again, Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ, thanks for everything...

"God, let me see the five of them on the same stage once again....."

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

How Are You

it has been so long that we have been too busy walking on our own path
do you still remember unresolved business that we left too far
our everyday were colored with too much discordia
break the excitence of us without any properly goodbye
i tried to catch you but its useless
you have been walked too far
i can't even catch your shadow
your world already dissapear from mine
and my live doesn't revolve around you any more
what an irony, remember how we had shared back then
we lived on the same land
stands under the same sky
breathe the same air
and share the same dream
but, you have choose your own path of life
i'm still here, looking at the blue sky
to you who stand up in place that i barely know
would you kind enough to remind me
at least a half in the way i secretly miss you
i know
i am not able to make you stay here at least until i aware
i am sorry i let the time erase half of you in my heart
i am sorry i stupid enough to let you replace me with someone else
we cant go back to we used to be as if the word “we” ever exist
tough it never exist
but at least reply me once
i just wanna know :
How Are You?

Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012


I want to share a little about that night, September 22nd 2012. I met my bias(es) for the first time at SMTOWN Live in Jakarta. Such a wonderful experience, I won't ever forget :)
These are some photos I've taken by my pocket camera

The Front Gate

Me and Icha. The best friend of mine for years but this was the first time I met up with her :)

Selca hehehe. After a few hours queuing

Before the concert started

These are the photos of the SMTOWN artists that attended the concert




Super Junior

Girls' Generation




 These are some ++ photos. All are my bias(es) <33


Maknae CHANGMIN! <3

Sooyoungggg <3 my precious unnie kkkk

The Red Ocean. Thank you my fellow Cassiopeias :')

The Concert Ended
See you again SMTOWN, see you again TVXQ!

I'm still here

i'm still on this earth
i'm already on my third semester of college
this is random post actually
just to pronouce that
i'm still here

Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Where ever you are.....

Hey, you. The spirit in my life, the soul, my other half. Where are you now? How have you been? I’m wondering what you are doing right now. You know? I can’t wait to see you. I just can’t wait the time when I can call you mine. I have so much faiths like this because I believe that God have sent us our own guardian. And I’m waiting for mine.

Every time I’m alone whether it’s night or day, I always wondering this kind of thing. Yes, future. That’s why I hate to be alone. Have faith and believe that we’ll meet. I don’t know if now it’s you or not but I believe everything that are meant to be, even they’re separated they’ll find their way back to each other. If you’re mine, you’ll back to me…

There are times when I can’t stop thinking about you, wondering all those fade things like crazy. Can’t sleep at night even I knew that I’m tired and I just need to rest. Though I knew that you never think about me even for once, but that’s okay. As long as I have trust and end it up to God, to meet that person whom I love, the one that I’ll marry, the one that will always keeps me strong, I will wait…so please come quickly, because I need you. God where ever he is now, protect and make him always happy. God, you’re the only one I can begging on :”

Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

The Precious

Some of my precious things, TVXQ's stuff <3
Not that complete because i can't find the old stuff of them OTL
Sadly i leave some of them at my house in my hometown because i'm afraid i can't take care of them here.....yeah because of the college's life.

Some of my album collections

Red light comes from here

 and here...not a TVXQ's stuff tho but i love it

 I love the most, TVXQ's 4th Album - MIROTIC Repackaged Special Edition

TVXQ 2012 Official Wall Calendar

Precious people on my wall

Spirit to study

Got this from SMTOWN World Tour Android Application

I hope someday i'll meet with my fellow Cassies and sharing each other's collections ;)